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Academy Petroleum Industries is commited to providing a safe work environment for its workers, subcontractors, visitors, and the public at large.

Our objective is a Health and Safety Program that will reduce the number of injuries to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing the industry averages. Our goal is zero incidents and injures.

Part of this commitment includes the identification and control of physical and chemical hazards faced on the job. It also involves providing an inclusive work environment in which all are free from violence, harassment and discrimination, and all of the associated psychological hazards.

Academy Petroleum is proud to participate in the COR audit program and has been in good standing with its certifying partner the ACSA for over 23 years.

We are also committed to the process of continual improvement. This includes following industry trends and implementing new technology and processes tom make our worksites safer. We currently have AED’s and Emergency medical oxygen units at both of our sites. In addition to this we now exclusively utilize silica free abrasives for blasting operations.